Bulletin Specs

Acceptable File formats

PDF (preferred format) – Make sure your pdf’s have all fonts embedded or created as outlines. You will need to make sure all your images are at least 300-408 ppi. Make sure your PDF settings are not down sampling your images to a lower ppi.

Adobe Creative Suites (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator) – We have Creative Suites 4. We should be able to open any files created in CS 1-4. Please make sure your included all images, and fonts. You can create your fonts as outlines. Please send all files in a Stuff-It or Zip compression format.

Color Mode – Please make sure all your art and colors in your design are in CMYK (process) mode. We can not accept colors saved as SPOT colors. If you need a specific color, please use the PMS color system and make sure the color mode is CMYK or PROCESS.

Create your files to a manageable scale (versus the full scale of the final board). We recommend working at a scale of 1/2” = 1’ scale and using a .25” amount of bleed. Please provide a minimum resolution of 300 ppi, 408 ppi for optimal output, for any photographic elements. Be sure to include .25” of bleed to be used for wrapping around the structure and all critical elements should be .25” from the edge of the Live area. When building your file, please work in CMYK using US Web Coated (SWOP v2) color profile. If you assigning PMS color callouts for solids, please use the Pantone Solid to Process library of colors as all jobs will be printed in 4-color process.

NOTE: We do not accept files built in MS Word or Powerpoint or any other word processing program. We also do not accept MS Publisher files.