Digital Specs

File Format: JPEG

Resolution: 72 dpi

Color Format: RGB

2000-E: 888 w x 240 h (pixels)
2000-W: 888 w x 260 h (pixels)

7324-N: 888 w x 240 h (pixels)
7324-S: 858 w x 242 h (pixels)

3024-E (Oneonta) 896 w x 288 h (pixels)
9536-E (Springfield) 888 w x 240 h (pixels)

5038-S (Kingston) 768 w x 352 h (pixels)

Display Size: Vary from 48’ wide x 14’ high – 25′ wide x 12’ high (see display #)

Digital Design Quick Tips:

  • Content should be simple, bold, legible, and brief.
  • Remember the product user must be able to see the artwork, scan for details, and make an assessment of the data.
  • Select typefaces with ease of readability in mind. Large, bold fonts make it easier for your audience to read and comprehend text from different viewing distances. In addition, text using all capital letters is hard to read. Use text made up of both upper and lower case letters.
  • Do not overwhelm them with visual clutter. To enhance readability and comprehension, use a limited amount of text. As a general rule, use no more than ten words total, including logos and tag lines.